Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

It's understandable that when booking a dj, there's lots of questions that might come to mind, so the answers to some of the questions people regularly ask are on this page.

Please don't hesitate to call or email us directly or via the Online Booking Form if there's anything else you want to know that's not covered here :-)

Q. At Our Party, Will You Play Requests?

A. Of Course

Pete always makes sure that guests are encouragred to get involved and request their favourite songs at every party, but has the experience to "filter" any requests which would be inapproprate for a particular occassion (for example songs with offensive lyrics at Parties with younger guests.)
Request Lists supplied via either post or email before the party are most welcome, and these can also point out songs you Don't want to hear!
Q. When We Book You, Will We Receive A Written Confirmation

A. Yes

All bookings are confirmed by a signed booking form.
Q. Do You Have Insurance, and P.A.T. Testing Certificates?

A. Yes!

djpete has Public Liability Insurance, and electrical equipment is regularly P.A.T. Tested (Certificates for both are available on request.)
Both of these are essential for professional mobile discos, and are a requirement for the majority of venues.
Q. Do You Have a Produb Licence?

A. As a user of digital DJ technology, djpete has a Produb licence.

In order to ensure that artists and writers are paid fairly for the music they produce, dj's who use copies of legally-purchased copyrighted music in their professional or semi-professional working life, require a ProDub licence. As a user of digital dj technology, djpete has such a licence, and can provide the certificate on request.
Q. Do You Carry a Backup In Case Things Go Wrong?

A. Yes!

All Sound and lighting equipment is high quality, and regularly tested maintained and updated, but adequate backup is also carried to ensure minumum disruption in the event of unforseen problems.
Q. How Long Does It Take You To Set Up and Be Ready?

A. The Crew Usually Take 60 Minutes To Set Up But...

..This does depend on the type of the event, how much equipment you've booked, and the access to the building.
We therefore ask for access at least 1 hour before the start of the event or before your guests arrive. (Unusual access to venue or other special requirements can of course be discussed prior to booking)
We aim to be out of the venue no more than 45 minutes after the end of music.
Q. How Do You Dress for your Engagements?

A. As Appropriate for the Occassion

The set-up crew and Pete himself usually dress in jeans/T-Shirt while setting up, then changing in to Smart/Casual for the party itself. If the event requires Black Tie/Dinner Jacket, please let us know in advance.
Q. How Much Do You Charge?

A. Competitive Rates

djpete's mobile disco/karaoke/video disco is priced to be within the budget of most clients, the exact cost depends on factors such as travel distance, duration, and how much equipment is required.
There are certainly djs and discos that would charge less, but taking in to account Pete's many years of experience, as well as the professional equipment on offer, there's very few that can offer such good value. Please get in touch to discuss your requiements!
DENON DJ djpete has a PRODUB Licence